Life Changing Grease Gun

Electric Grease Gun

Now you would’t have thought that an electric grease gun could be such a game changer but let me tell you it is. After 2 hours of trying to grease my RV’s steering and suspension grease points with a small hand operated grease gun(which was agony) and not really achieving very much. The final straw was when I pulled back the spring loaded plunger to remove the old cartridge the inner contents came out like the squirt cream you get from those aerosol cans and covered me in grease. So that pair of shorts and t-shirts had to go in the trash.

Electric grease gun

RV Electric grease gun

Well that was the final straw. So I went out and purchased an electric grease gun. Wow what a difference, I’ve even managed to get Julia to grease up the underneath of the RV (as she’s more nimble than me). Absolutely amazing simple and clean to use.

So if you want to buy your partners a great a great Christmas present then this is it. Electric grease gun

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