RV Storage in Las Vegas

We were able to take a look at the new RV Storage in Las Vegas which is enormous. We have already signed up to leave our RV there. This will make our travel around the Western part of the US now a lot easier.

Las Vegas International airport is close by so absolutely perfect for us. Thank you NIRVC for being so considerate.
You can find out more at: NIRVC.com 

We have been so happy with the way in which we have been treated and the way our coach was looked after that it a real easy decision to sign up for the new Las Vegas branch.

RV storage in Las Vegas which is absolutely enormous

The new NIRVC in Las Vegas

The storage rates are about the same which is $10 per foot per month or sign up for 12 months. For a 12 months contract the same rate applies but in addition they will give you 3 months free at the start of your storage period. So you pay for 12 months storage but receive 15. That’s a great deal.

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