Monthly Archive: January 2016

Malibu Beach RV parking 4

Malibu RV Park

We are currently staying at the Malibu Beach RV Park and I don’t think you will find a better location. The cost of a site is between $65 -$85. The view from the RV...

On route to Quartsite 4

Heading for Quartzsite

We are just leaving the Countryside RV park in Arizona and heading for Quartsite in the desert somewhere! This us our first time visiting such a large gathering (10,000 RV’s) So it should be...

Spartan Steering issues 0

Steering problems

Once again our RV is in the repair shop having the steering looked at, as there is still something very wrong with the way this RV drives in a straight line. It is like...

Heading to Arizona 2

No more snow!

We have just left a snowy and foggy Grand Canyon and arrived in sunny Arizona where we have to carry out some vital repairs to the RV. Then we will be heading to Quartzsite...

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