Great new DI water system

Great new DI water system

New Youtube DI Video

Discover this great new DI water system which is far better and far more effective than any other DI spotless water system available.  The new compact Pro 50 will produce 2,000 gallons of DI water and a whopping 4,000 gallons of DI water from the Pro 100 compact unit. Both units are supplied with a bypass valve enabling you to switch to the DI water for the final rinse only, thereby conserving the DI resin.

It is also possible to convert your old CR Spotless system to make it more efficient, thereby saving you money on resin. Click here for details of the conversion.

Great new DI water system for a spotless finish to your RV

Great new DI water system for a spotless finish to your RV

A converted CR Spotless system will achieve up to 4,000 gallons from 1 Cu Ft of resin.

You would have to refill the double cartridges 5 times to achieve the same quantity of DI water.

That would be $445. Compare this to the cost of a resin refill on the new Pro 100 compact  at only $200.00. It’s a no brainer!

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17 Responses

  1. Jack Martin says:

    After viewing the You Tube video and reading the comparative analysis cost data, I ordered the D.I. Rinse Pro 50 on line through This unit will be used primarily to rinse my Winnebago TOUR 42. The assembly and operating instructions were very easy to follow. I tested the unit first by washing and rinsing my RAM 1500 pick-up truck with regular water, and then did a final rinse using the Pro 50. The by-pass valves made this part of the operation very easy. I intentionally left the truck to dry in the hot Houston sun and it dried perfectly without any spots. I am very happy with the end results and I highly recommend the D.I. Rinse products.

    • GRT says:

      Hi Jack
      Great to hear that you like the product, you’ll like it even more when you see how far the resin lasts. So I’ll be looking out for a shinny Winnebago TOUR 42 when I’m on the road, I had better keep my sun glasses handy.
      Cheers for now

  2. Geno Riley says:

    Glenn/Julia we love the vids and the music is great too. I purchased the spotless system you suggested and it is fantastic — however we have been on the road for 6 weeks in our Tuscany 41 and have yet to find an RV park that will allow us to wash our coach. Have you had issues with that?

    • GRT says:

      Hi Geno
      Thanks for dropping us a note, I can help you here with two things.
      1. You need to convert your spotless system so that you get around 10 times more washes without changing the resin (see this link for details)
      2. The campsite issue you have I have always managed to get around. When you arrive at the campsite don’t ask if you can wash your RV.
      Then park up and connect your water and fill your water tank to the brim. Then disconnect the water supply and put the hose away.
      Then wash your coach and use your DI machine from the water in your water tank. Chances are you will finish before anyone moans. Uf they do simply show them that you are washing your RV from your own water from the last camp site. They really can’t do anything about it as you are not even connected to their water.
      For whats it worth, we do this all the time and have never had a problem.

  3. Andran young says:

    Can I get a phone call when someone get a moment regarding a di system. At 509-392-2735 or leave a contact information. Thank you

  4. JUSTIN PRICE says:

    Hi I purchased the di rinse pro 100 from the company’s website 4 days ago, I have tried reaching out calling and emailing. I have received no response to my question. I would like to know when or if the item is going to be shipped? Please help regarding this issue!

    • GRT says:

      If you didn’t order this from RV-Mods I can’t help you. I can only assist customers who have purchased from our site.
      Sorry, I can’t help you more.

  5. gary zwiers says:

    Howdy, I’ve noticed your ads and videos and am still laughing. I’m going to order the conversion kit but would like to get a coupon code if at all possible. I’ve got the spotless DIC20 and its more expensive than my beer budget will allow to keep on changing the resin. Thanks

    • GRT says:

      Hi Gary
      Really really sorry for such a late reply, been really busy all summer. There are no coupon codes available sorry. We can’t produce this stuff fast enough.

  6. Richard says:

    Hello Glenn,
    Is the pro 50 available yet or does it matter if I just buy directly to DI Rinse?

    • GRT says:

      Hi Richard
      Sorry for the late reply, All items are available and the only difference from buying via our website is that delivery is quicker and the price is a little cheaper.

  7. Bruce Schneider says:

    Hey Glenn! Always look forward to your videos! Me, wife and a bucket of popcorn! Wonder if you can answer a question…..With all the crap that has happened with your Entegra……would you buy one again? I am looking at a 2017 Cornerstone and every time I see one……I think about your steering?

    • GRT says:

      Hi Bruce
      Sorry for the late reply been really really busy all summer. I have many friends who have purchased Cornerstones (2018 & 2019 models) and they have had a heap of issues some of which are major issues. That said I know they now love their Cornerstones. I know this doesn’t really help but I think you just have to face facts that $500-600,000 doesn’t buy you quality. In my opinion the whole Entegra range has gone cheaper on the stuff they now fit inside.

  8. Vincent Pravato says:

    About how many washes will I get using the pro 100 – pro 50 ? I have large suv & 2 cars ? How often will I need to change the resin in the container ?

  9. Michael Browning says:

    I ordered the di pro 100 may3 on the 4th received email order completed , and shipping label printed on may 4th ,it is know june16 unit has not ben shipped ,and money was removed from my account on may 3rd ,WHATS UP WITH MY ORDER ??? #3431.

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