Monthly Archive: October 2016


Elton John

We only have one night left in Vegas and we are going to see Elton John at Caesar’s Palace with our good friends Erik & Kayla, then we are hitting the town to win...

Las Vegas 3

Arrived In Vegas

We finally arrived in Las Vegas for the Entegra Summer Fest Las Vegas NV after standing in the corner in Winslow Arizona, the Meteor crater and the Skywalk platform over the Grand Canyon. So...


Staying on the road

Now as you can imagine, traveling the USA making videos is fairly expensive so everyone reading this can help us continue this plight. How? It’s easy! We are now an Amazon affiliate, meaning that...

Great-Escape Amazon Store 5

Amazon Store

 Amazon on line link We have been asked so many time where we have purchased this product or that product and I have lost count how many times we have sent the Amazon links out....

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