GPS real time tracking

GPS real time tracking now back on line.

So if you want to see where we are in real time. follow this link

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  1. joe mackey says:

    miss you this morning in visalia country manor. i have a 2015 conterstone entgera. i went to your website to see what your all about yesterday nice coach. wish could talk ,were stay there ,we remoldeing our home in visalia so if you come back thur. like to talk my coach was at severl shows and had 5000 mile when i got it new, now has 7000, i real like it ,but took for ever to get warrty idems fix, the factor very slow at giveing appoval thats, what fresno rv country said but all been working great, love 600 hp and tramission brakeing system .well be save on your trip.wish i was following you guys. joe mackey. sorry for my spelling spell sheck doesnt work on this app.

    • GRT says:

      Hi Joe
      We walked pass your RV a couple of time on our evening stroll and there was no sign of any lights so you were obviously out for the day/evening. It would have been good to catch up but we had to leave fairly early so that we could get to our next site. We are heading up to San Francisco and then will be looking for some storage just for 6 weeks over Christmas, so if you know anywhere please let me know.
      Cheers for now
      Glenn & Julia

  2. joe mackey says:

    your time is off when emails are sent days right.i sent at 3:20 califionia time

  3. joe mackey says:

    where you flying out of . i mit have room in my shop building in ivanhoe.

  4. Alex says:


    do you still need a safe storage for your RV? Did you already inquire at Leale’s RV storage in San Jose?–storage

    They are really professional… We live close by (Saratoga) and could certainly drive you to the airport. You could also leave the tow car at our place..

    Good luck with your travel plans!


    • GRT says:

      Hi Alex
      Thanks for the e-mail, we have managed to find some secure storage for the RV north of Sacramento and we will be leaving the car with a GMC garage to have checked out while we are away, so thanks for the kind offer and it’s good to know that there are some kind genuine people out there.
      Cheers for now

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