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RV Dealer comparison

After endless research and finally deciding on an Entegra Anthem we then had to decide on which dealer to purchase from. I made contact with 3 main RV dealers and then booked the flights, hotels and hire cars (which was all a challenge in itself) and we set off in search of the right dealer for us.


Orlando RV LogoRVOne of Orlando

RVOne was the first dealer we visited and this was a pre arranged appointment (bear in mind that we had taken 3 flights several hotels and 2 hire cars to get here). We
were greeted by Robin McCraken who on the phone had sounded like a used car salesman and not someone who was responsible for selling $250,000 — $500,000 RVs. Anyway after talking to him I actually said to Julia “I could buy an RV from this man”. Sadly from the moment he realised that I wasn’t going give him a deposit there and then he turned off like a switch. He refused to give me a test drive of the Anthem telling me “If you intend visiting another RV dealer, then get them to give you a test drive” Unbelievable attitude given that we were clearly serious buyers – why else would we have travelled so far at such huge expense? We suddenly became invisible to him and it was as much as he could do to bring himself to say goodbye.



We then made our way to lazy days as this wasn’t that far from where we were staying. When we got to Lazydays we were introduced to a very pleasant professional salesperson called Tomas Tannett. He couldn’t have been nicer, he gave us a long test drive (our first) and had all the time in the world for us. I felt very happy to buy from Lazydays, until that was, we met there in-house insurance rep. Wow, sales prevention officer or what! As soon as he started talking to us it was yes / no answers and comments such as “You’ll never get that type of insurance in the US” even though we had already had several quotes for it. So we left there with some doubts as to just how well informed these people were.


The next day we flew to Dallas Fortworth to visit MHSRV. Well if you are into RVs this place is worth a visit. They have an absolutely huge range of virtually every RV on the planet. The sales guy there was a gem, very cool, not pushy and yes I would have purchased from him in a heartbeat, apart from one reason – From the day I visited to now he has never so much as sent me an e-mail, a text or a phone call. So maybe I’m not that important to him after all.

We had a few “non RV”  days in Chicago before returning to France where we would troll through all the information we had collected on our trip, colours, floor plans, costings etc etc. As I was going through all of the info. I suddenly became really really annoyed at the way we had been treated by Robin McCracken at RVOne. I have been treated better than this when buying a $60 pair of sunglasses! So I decided to write a long e-mail to their CEO as I needed to get this off my chest….

So who did we buy from in the end ?  Well after receiving a very professional response from RVOne which was immediately followed up by a phone call from Terri Myres, the choice was easy.

Orlando RV LogoRVOne (or should I say Terri Myres) won our business and I have to say her attitude, efficiency and attention to detail in keeping us informed has been absolutely faultless.






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