About Us and our Entegra 44B

About us and our Entegra Anthem 44B

Here is a little information about Julia & Glenn & our plans to travel the US in our new Entegra Coach: Luxury Motorhomes

Ready for the Entegra Anthem 44B

Just another day in sunny France

Our names are Glenn & Julia and we have just purchased in September 2015 we decided to purchase a new Entegra Coach: Luxury Motorhomes (2016 model). We live in the Dordogne region of France and during past 15 years have travelled extensively throughout Europe. We did this in our new 2008 Fleetwood Excursion which we purchased in 2008 from Camping World.

The only travelling we have done in the US is when we collected the Fleetwood back in 2008. When we drove it directly to the port at Baltimore to ship it back over to Europe.

We have a beautiful house in France which is difficult to leave, but our plan is to travel around the US for approx 3 months at a time. It’s difficult sometimes to tear ourselves away from our brand new Entegra Coach: Luxury Motorhomes especially as we are finding some great places to visit now. We have called our new RV trip the “great-escape” and we have launched a series of videos of our travels and experiences. See our youtube channel: 

Our Youtube videos feature basic improvements plus places and experiences we have had when visited within the USA.

So join us from the comfort of your home on our journey so far

Where we live in France

youtube videos

If you haven’t seen any of our youtube videos  then you may be missing out. So why not take a look and let us know what you think. So far I have answered well over 500 comments from our website blog alone and thousands of comments on our youtube channel. We have met so many great people on our travels many of which have now become really good friends.



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