Entegra PDI

Entegra PDI

We have just arrived at the Entegra mothership (as it’s fondly called) to have our 2 year PDI (post delivery inspection) We will leave our RV here so that they can do the small jobs that are needed in our absense.

One of the nice things of being back here is that you sometimes get to catch up with some old friends that you have met at various rallies.

We actully only have a handful of repairs that need doing so we are pretty happy.

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  1. Gary says:

    Hi folks:

    We have been enjoying following your travels around the USA for some time now, since we also have an interest in Entegra coaches. It has also been very interesting to look at and hear about all of the places you folks have been, while down south. Plus to read about the issues and repairs required to your coach and the RV dealers you have dealt with, has been very helpful for future reference.
    We live in St.Albert, Alberta in western Canada and are wondering if you guys have thought about travelling up into Canada at some point? If you have the time you will find many beautiful locations up here as well. Many Americans travel through the Rocky Mountains in Alberta and British Columbia on their way to Alaska every year, usually starting in May until September/October.
    Anyway, we will be interested to hear about your visit to the Entegra factory as we are planning to attend a factory tour someday.
    Good luck and happy travels. Look forward to your upcoming posts and videos.


    • Dave Roulstone says:

      Just to jump in here as we know Glen and Julia.
      Gary, We also live in St.Albert, Alberta and own a Entegra Coach Anthem.
      I would be more than pleased to answer any questions you may have and also invite you to our FMCA Klondikers Chapter Spring Rally on May 26th-28th near Calmar,AB-where you could meet other Entegra owners.
      I can provide a phone number or email if interested or Glen can provide our email?
      BTW i suggested the same thing ,we could have some good times showing them around.

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