Installing a new Entegra Step Facia light

For a long time now I have wanted the same sort of illuminated step facia that the Cornerstone model has as apart from anything else it looks real classy. So will bought one from NIRVC about 8 months ago and just never got around to installing it, well that was until now.

We will show you in this latest video how to upgrade your dull entry step to a shinny new Entegra illuminated sign the same as the ones in the Entegra Cornerstone. This is one of those jobs that end result is so rewarding you forget about how long it actually took you to fit.

Check out our latest video here:

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7 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    Is your blog shut down?

  2. Todd Jarvis says:

    Hi Glenn,

    I just bought a 2020 Entegra Anthem. Entegra now puts 14.3 inch tires in the front with a 20,000 pound IFS axle. So I hope that it holds the road without going through your type of repair.

    I talked to Jordan at National Indoor. He said that you use a pressure washer with Ionic drying tanks. Does it work? What brand is it? How much is the replacement tank fluid? And are you happy with the results. Jordan said with you attention to detail you would be the one to ask.

    My coach will be in Salsa a 44W with a matching red 2019 Blazer. One of my pet peeves is that you cannot wash your coach in most campgrounds on the road. I tried a truck wash but they took the paint off. With this pressure washer they tell me it only takes about 40 gallons of your on board water supply to wash and rinse/dry the coach.

    Hope to hear,

    Todd Jarvis

  3. Jeremy T says:

    Where can you buy the entegra cornerstone accent light for the entry step. In the video you hint at a link.

    Sorry covid got in the way of your return plans

  4. Jeremy says:

    Sorry if my question was miss-leading. I have an anthem and wanted to do the same step from cornerstone you did. In the video you said you’d link to where we could buy them. No worries though as i just had my dealer order me one. I have it now. Thanks though.

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