New Spartan RV Steering Box

Spartan Steering box
After nearly 2 years of moaning Spartan have finally agreed to install a new steering box in an effort to get rid of the play in my steering. After fitting the Safe-T-Plus everything was suddenly tightened up and if I don’t touch the steering wheel it drives like a dream. To be fair to Spartan, I made a call told them of my experience and within 5 minutes they had actioned that I would have a new steering box fitted before we return next week. So hopefully I be driving down the road with a big smile on my face without looking like I’m driving a vehicle from a 1920’s film.

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3 Responses

  1. Andrei Grecu says:

    Ok, so let me get this straight, you intalled the Safety-T-Plus steer system, coach does not need constant correction, and now they will replace the steering box? Are you sure you want to mess with it?
    I have very similar issues on the wandering (2 alignments done) I also have porpoising after having a “proportioning” valve installed at a Entegra and even after installing front Koni EVO shocks?
    2016 Anthem 44B

    • GRT says:

      Let me first of all say that the Safe-T-Plus will make a difference especially if you have a wandering issue, I was amazed the difference it has made. If you contact safe-t-plus 770-322-8727 – In Georgia OR 800-USA-SAFE – (800-872-7233) and mention US (Great-Escape) and quote USA2017ESCAPE they will give you a discount. The product is real easy to fit or if you are anywhere near them in Georgia they will install it free of charge.
      As for the steering box, I have had excessive play on my steering in a straight line from new which I WILL NOT accept so they just keep changing stuff until they can get it right. If only they had someone who knew what they were doing….

  2. Brent Harmes says:

    I never had a problem with the steering box, but Spartan did issue a recall to have the steering ball joints checked and possibly replaced on the vehicles with independent front suspension. I had this recall done and also installed the Safe-T-Plus and it is a totally different coach to drive now.

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