Koni Shocks

As our Entegra has been up at the Spartan chassis workshop for 3 weeks so we decided to ask them to fit a complete set of Koni shocks (set of 6), as after reading all of the posts on the difference they make I decided to bite the bullet and order them.

After the bad experience that we have had with our steering (which has now been fixed, apparently) I thought that anything that will improve the ride will be a good thing.

So watch this space and I’ll report back if having these fitted has improved the ride!

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2 Responses

  1. Ted says:

    So an additional investment is required to get the advertised “Best handling quietest riding”….

    So sad … I wonder if you could get a hold back clause in you purchase agreement for the incredible inconvenience, ohhhhhhh your just the customer, between the manufacture and the dealers an honest person does not stand a chance.

    I really do not look forward to our upcoming purchase. After 2 years of looking I now fell it’s necessary to spend weeks if not months and many thousands of dollars, visiting the manufactures all of which may be for not. I have also spent the last few weeks reviewing dealer purchase agreements, many dealers will not even provide this paperwork, but buyer beware, you sign away all your rights. Ps, on that note, make sure you protect your deposit and or property at the dealership in the event they go bankrupt, learned that the hard way.

    Funny, I originally decided against Tiffin, due in part to the huge number of service bays they have at their manufacturing plant, i thought their quality must be poor, now I understand why they have so many service bays.

    I have even gotten to the point of measuring the size of the door on units to make sure things like stoves, fridges, beds, furniture and so on can be thrown out when they fail. Life is way to short to put up with these kinds of failures.

    Finally, there are few if any laws that protect the purchaser of recreational vehicles, as the standard answer in court seems to be if you wanted higher quality, you should have spent more money. Well, your throwing more money at the problem, let’s hope that works.


    • GRT says:

      Hi Ted
      Thanks for your comments and I agree totally with what you say, You would have thought that any manufacture with half a brain would realise that if they actually supplied what they advertise they would totally clean up. It would cost so little to produce a vehicle that actually worked and with the amount of people who are out of work if someone can’t do the job that they are employed to do properly, get rid of them and get someone in that can.

      Give me six months an a limited budget and I could show them whats achiveable.

      If there isn’t a law to protect the person who purchases an RV then there should be a law against companies suppling products that are not as advertised.

      Thanks for following the site

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