Tiffin Factory Tour

We have just launched our latest video on our recent visit to the Tiffin plant in Redbay, Alabama.

This is a 2 part video. This first part shows the plant and part 2 will show the paint shop.

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8 Responses

  1. Pete Gass says:

    Wondering why you have taken to bashing Entega? Seams like you were pretty happy with Entegra. Is it that negative information sells more than the positive. After all you are obviously in this for commercial gain. We are on our second Entegra and hava had issues but Entegra has always been responsive and stood firmly behind their product. Your bashing hurts all of us Entegra owners. Think before you bash for more hits on your products.

    • GRT says:

      First of all I apologise for the delay. You were clearly lucky with your Entegra. I have pasted e-mails from two people just this week. We only speak the truth and these companies shouldn’t be able to get away with it. Oh and for what it’s worth I don’t make a dime from you tube.

      We’d really appreciate it if you could take our names off any further Entegra gathering communications as we will no longer be attending or remaining Thor Entegra customers.

      Bruce Weir wrote:
      We recently experienced the most horrific and appalling treatment at the Entegra Factory Service Facility. The condition of our coach when we eventually got it back after 7 months (for a 30 day repair) was horrendous and of the list of 78+ problems, only some minor items were attended to. At one point our coach went missing for a month!

      We’ve lost faith in continuing on in a Thor Entegra, and we will not be keeping it, and sadly will be closing the Entegra chapter in our lives.

      We’ll miss all the gatherings with the wonderful friends that always come out of those events!

      Good Luck with the event this year.

      jakobsenlinda wrote:
      We also had a bad experience with our latest visit. Sure isn’t the Entegra service that we had before Thor. After 6 months of Joyce blaming us for cracks in our front cabinets and insisting we pay half, cabinet manufacturer came and looked and said it was Entegra and their cabinet company’s fault, that there was no glue visible at all. Joyce never apologized but we didn’t have to pay except to drive 2000 miles to factory. But the damage was done to my faith in the company. Since then it has been one failure after another…generator, awnings, slide motor, aquahot, front blind motor, multiplex, ..all out of warranty of course. Never had problems out of warranty like this with our other motorhomes.

  2. Glenn Davis says:

    You do a great job on covering the Entegra Coach.

    • GRT says:

      Sorry for the delay replying to your comment, it’s been a busy hectic summer here in France.
      Thank you for your comment it’s nice to here from people who like what we are doing.

  3. Charles Hardy says:

    enjoy all your videos informative and you and your wife do a very good job. Thanks for all the information that you provide and sharing the situations that you incur.

    • GRT says:

      Hi Charles,
      The majority of people love what we do and that’s the reason why we spend hours and hours putting these videos together. A few people get upset thinking that we are making thousands of dollars from you tube. I can tell you we have not (unlike some of the Vlogger) make a single dime from our youtube videos.
      Thanks for watching.

  4. Frank Celia says:

    Hello Glenn, i just want to state that i enjoy watching your videos. Your production techniques are just great! Your presentations are straightforward, honest, and the facts about various products and how they apply to the motorhome owner are spot on. I dont consider your videos about entegra bashing, but a display of disappoint concerning your experience and frustration on your issues affecting your anthem.

    Keep those video’s coming, safe travels for Julia and You as you explore the west coast, and maybe some day, we will cross paths,
    Frank and Ann

    • GRT says:

      Hi Frank
      Thanks for your message, it’s always great to hear from people and you’re right I have merely reported the facts and our experiences.
      We absolutely love our Entegra. We just don’t love spending our holiday in a garage.

      Thanks for watching.

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