Chesapeake Bay, Virginia

Chesapeake Bay, Virginia

So here we are staying on our first Thousand Trails campsite and I must say we are very impressed. I had read that the sites were a little tired and not that clean, but the site we are on is the complete opposite. It is very clean and it is huge compared to sites in Europe. My only complaint is that because of problems with their internet, it has been turned off for the season whilst they try to come up with another solution.

We have purchased a Verizon on-the-go data system but this is working out ridiculously expensive and we are using $35 virtually overtime we log-on, so we now keep it for emergencies only.

So once again Starbucks to the rescue!


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  1. Phyllis Parker says:

    My husband and I Love your Videos , we have a Bluebird Wanderlodge and hope to retire in a few years and travel the states also. You mentioned in one of your videos that you had your Thousand Trails membership up for sale, have you sold it and if not, what is the price please?
    Thank you for all the info you share for all to enjoy.



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