Still no news from Entegra new President

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  1. Rich H says:

    Welcome back, Glenn & Julia! Your experience with the “new” Entegra is pretty disappointing. They don’t sell tens of thousands of $300-$500k RVs every year, so it doesn’t seem unreasonable to expect that at least someone, if not the CEO himself or herself, in the CEO’s office would monitor customer email and respond. You are right, not a good omen for customer service and definitely a factor that will be weighed in our upcoming purchase decision. I wonder if they even bother to look at things like NPS (net promoter score), etc to determine how well their brand is doing in terms of customer service and satisfaction. I’ll bet they don’t, which means they operate more like a GM rather than a 21st century company focused on high customer sat.
    Feel free to share this with Entegra if you like – as an example of how your experience has a very real impact on how others view their product and company. And when you only sell a few thousand units a year, you better be on your game in this regards!



    • GRT says:

      Hi Rich

      I have now also sent 2 x emails to the head of customer services and two weeks later absolutely nothing. So I can only think that now they don’t give a Sh**
      Real shame as Tadd was just I feel turning the corner with the Entegra brand and now no ones sure what’s going on.
      Do let me know if you are in the market and I’ll make sure that you are absolutely looked after by someone at NIRVC.
      Cheers for now

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