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4 Responses

  1. Rick and Jenn says:

    A very nice and detailed list that you have there. I agree that what you get for a coach that costs what they do don’t come with certain features both comfort and safety. I hope that Entegra does right with you and steps up to take care of your problems. I know that all coach brands have problems and will always have to some degree. We have been looking at a new Newmar London Aire and when we walk thru it I can’t help but think a bit about your story with your Entegra. I am not so sure that getting a unit that is 2-3 years old that hopefully the first owner has already dealt with and fixed the issues coming off the line. Good luck and maybe see you on the road some day.

    • Glenn says:

      Hi Rick/Jenn
      Thank you for reading our site and for you comments. It’s really nice when someone bothers to comments after working hard for 2-3 days changing the site. I also hope that Entegra gets it’s right as I am starting to loose the plot and it won’t be too long before I loose it all together.

      Thank again for your comment

  2. Ted says:

    Wonderful, informative, open and honest. It would be interesting to see any manufacture step up and review these items. Sure many are subjective, but remember the old saying 1 unhappy customer will talk to 100 people, or more especially in this day and age of Internet connectivity.

    Better to take this information and present a positive spin, even if it is only to suggest where and how third party products can be applied to the Entegra product to improve customer satisfaction. Customer service extends to having people advise and suggest to people how they get the best out of the products they have purchased.

    No company or industry is perfect, but the RV industry and dealers seem more focused on one time purchases then proper use, enjoyment, safety and ongoing success of their products.


    • Glenn says:

      Hi Ted
      I don’t think Entegra will listen or make any changes they will just go on banging out RV’s with substandard gear inside and yes you’re right bad news travels faster than good news. We’ll be back soon so I’ll be posting some videos of what has been done and it’s it’s solved the issues. Thanks for your comments and interest in our site


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