We’re Off

Time of this post just before midnight on Tuesday 29 March in 5 min’s it will be the 30th March and we are being collected at 6:45 am and then heading to catch a train to Paris where we will be staying the night.

Then on the 31st we leave CDG Paris heading to Chicago. Now the plan was to drive from Chicago (where our car is parked) and head to Elkart to stay in the RV ready for an early start the following day, but the RV isn’t ready so we have decided to stay in Chicago for 3 nights and will now collect the RV on the Monday morning. This is a real pain, as I have had to change all of the reservations I have made. The up side of all this (if there is one) is that Entegra are picking up the tab for the hotels.

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8 Responses

  1. Tom Medlock says:

    Glen ,The Mr”s and I are wishing you and yours a safe trip. We are looking forward to watching more videos. Hope every thing is good with the Enterga.

    • GRT says:

      Thanks Tom.

      We’ve arrived in Paris safely and this time tomorrow will be in Chicago !

      Then Monday morning we are HOPING to collect the RV

  2. Ted says:

    Ok, with this kind of patiants we will have to nominate you as the “P” saint of RV’s, I can see it now a bobble headed figure of you on the dash of every RV,, protecting it’s owners from the poor quality of the rv industry.

    T shirts, ” I survived purchasing a xxxxxxx motorhome”.. fill in the blanks….

    They have had the motorhome all this time and it’s still not fixed… oh forgot they already got your money… I would be buying a 10 x 10 booth at the Hershey RV show and it would not be kind…


  3. fabien reynal says:

    hey comment ca va…? alors vous etes ou..?
    hey haw are you ..? where are you..?

    sophie fabien gabin

  4. Van says:

    Where are they? Perhaps we should send the Calvary out to search!

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