Just arrived in Nashville

When I finally left NIRVC before I outstayed my welcome and did manage to finish a loads of jobs that I needed to do (see new video) and have now arrived in Nashville TN.

I intend to be here for 2 – 3 days soaking up some great music. I already have tickets for a show at the Grand Old Opry which should be great.

Sadly the staff here at the Nashville KOA are less than friendly and for a site that is practically empty you think they would welcome the business. So today I’m going to look for a more friendly site to stay on for when we return in March.

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3 Responses

  1. George says:

    Hi Glen, glad you got your projects done. Watched your video. I am interested to hear about your storage experience at NIRVC. Was it up to your expectations?
    Enjoy Nashville

    • GRT says:

      NIRVC is like a different world to the experiences we have experienced so far. It really was like coming home. The Rv was clean nothing had been tampered with and it’s exsactly as we left it. I arrived back the lights were on, the heating was on and it was all plugged in ready for me. Absolutely 5 star service. I just now wouldn’t go anywhere else.

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