Heading back to France

We have decided to cut our vacation short and deliver the Anthem back to the factory as we do not want to continue with the RV as it is. That said I have total faith that we will arrive back to collect it in April and it will be perfect.  Then we can continue posting news on our travels and the great things about the Entegr coach. So watch this space……

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12 Responses

  1. SID Duncan says:

    So sorry for your troubles. I own a Travel Supreme home. Travel Supreme was bought by Jaco which owns Entergra. The use several of the floor plans and I ovations that Travel Supreme made. I love my motorhome but there is always something to repair or upgrade. Hope you have better luck in April.

  2. Ron Story says:

    truly enjoyed talking to Rich-Julia feelies like I know them and. Loosing friends. hope they will keep in touch afar and back here again, By the time they return I should be back on the road again and with my ne was couch tether a ENTEGEGRA or AMERICAN COACH EAGLE. l Just hope they don’t have any more problems. Happy Trails

  3. Ron Story says:

    Rich-Julia see Ya on the return visit. FRIENDSHIP is hard to say LATER

  4. Shucks Jones says:

    Safe Travels. Look forward to more future adventures.

  5. Kathy says:

    Safe travels on your return to France. We have a Cornerstone and look forward to your return in April. So enjoyed your web and videos..wishing you many good travels in your Anthem again, too!

  6. Stevie says:

    Hi Glenn & Julia, Really sorry to hear your trip has been cut short. What a pain. Hope all get’s sorted by April and you can continue. All the best, Steve.

    • GRT says:

      Hi Stevie boy
      Yes a bit of a bummer, but nothing a few bottles of wine won’t cure! When are you coming out to the US to visit us?

      keep smiling matey


      • Stevie says:

        You never know, I might make it one day. Lets catch up soon, I’ll call you. Still laugh at our Friday afternoon out 2 years ago. That was fantastic. 🙂

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