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  1. Dwayne brightwell says:


    I feel so bad for you two, after 8 weeks I would have thought Entegra would have that Class A working perfectly by now. I am so disappointed in Entegra. I thought they would handle this better considering the price point of this vehicle. So sorry!


  2. Rick and Jenn says:

    So sorry to hear of your continued issues with your coach. Even more surprised that they(the factory) didn’t have your coach in perfect order since you are you have a video and written blog that gets updated with the good or bad that comes from their product.
    We want to a local RV show and one of the dealers there has Entegra Coaches. All I could think of walking thru it was your situation and my wife and I both saying that we wouldn’t consider it due to the problems that you have had and their response about fixing them. I know that all brands have some issues but to not step up and make things right especially in your situation. They had eight weeks and chose to wait till the last minute to attempt the repair. Not acceptable….
    We have owned two Newmar’s and will continue to either deal with them or Tiffin do to their customer service at factory levels. Again, we all have likes and dislikes and what features, floor plans, and quality of workmanship is what in the end is what we choose. Good luck with your travels and maybe see you on the road someday.

    • GRT says:

      Yes, I think that the minute we leave ours is just parked up until about a week before we return and then it’s rush rush rush and of course nothing gets done.

  3. Mike says:

    Based on your live location, looks like you turned around and headed back to Entegra. Very concerned about all these issues after coach being there for 8 weeks. Keep us posted.

  4. Ted says:

    I’m sorry to hear your still having so many problems, but happy to say I would not buy an Entegra if they gave it to me. We’re off shortly to to do factory tours of the major suppliers of coaches and 5th wheels, and it will be interesting to see what they say about their quality and warrenty. We will be near Entegra, but I doubt we will drop in.

    We are leaning towards high end 5th wheels, products such as the Augusta Luxe, they are factory direct, and use residential components, it seems you end up dealing with the manufacture since the dealers are all but usless anyways. Second choice seems to be DRV. I would rather have a coach and towed sports car, but frankly, if I had as many problems as you have had, I’m sure my wife would have become very difficult, and with good reason.

    Worst case, I could dump the 5th wheel, if I had to and loose 50k to 100k but as it is your in for huge money and Entegra does not seem to give a dam! 40 foot 5th wheels have become very luxurious, but where do you park a large tow vehicle when you go touring.

    While 350k plus is big money I would not have a problem if the product worked, why is that so difficult for companies to understand…

    In closing, I would like to thank you and your wife for saving us from Entegra, as it was we were all set to order one when we came across your site. Tiffen is still on our list, and Newmar is too, but now your into the kind of money that I just have a hard time rationalizing, especially given the industries issues.

    Thks Ted

  5. Alex says:

    Sorry to hear that… I start to wonder, whether it makes sense to buy a brand new coach at all… Sure, you have the factory warranty, but how many weeks you have to spend in the shop to sort out all the little issues? When I listen to friends, I get the impression that this is not an Entegra problem, but concernes many manufacturers…

    Given the fact that RVs are produced in very small series, you can not expect perfection. May be it makes more sense to lower the expectation, buy a well maintained 2012 coach… All start up issues have already been fixed and can just enjoy the road… Unless you have bad luck and get a lemon…

    Wish you a nice trip and better luck after the next stop at the workshop….

    See you on the road, Alex

    • GRT says:

      Hi Alex

      I donlt really see why I should have to lower my expectations to suit shoddy workmanship. There are a lot of Entegra owners here at the rally that are very happy with their Entegra, I just seem to have one that is plagued with issues.

  6. Tom says:

    I am sure by now that you have contacted the top management of Integra and Jaco. If not, I strongly suggest that you let them know of your issues even if you have been assured by the factory reps that they are working on them. The Board of Directors needs to know this in order to make the corrections necessary to help the company survive and other consumers avoid your experience.
    I also offer my condolences and hope that you are back on your dream vacation shortly with all issues resolved. I believe there are many people living vicariously through your YouTube channel and can’t wait for you to return to happier times.

    • GRT says:

      Hi Tom
      Thanks for your message, we have only just figured out that Joyce Skinner (after sales director) is more of a block than someone that really wants to help. So yes it’s about time that the president Tadd Jenkins knows in full what we are experiencing. I’ll keep you posted via the video channel.

  7. Greetings Glenn and Julia! Just came across your videos and website! LOVE the videos, they’re BRILLIANT! Tons of fun, we were just in Utah ourselves recently touring the same parks. We have a spotty blog that I sometimes update: We are seriously considering an Entegra in the near future, and your experience is the first time I have seen such sloppy customer service from them. We are now going to give it serious thought. That said, America is full of jerks, like any other country, ESPECIALLY around Malibu, California. In fact, we just did the same drive you did and I doubt I will RV in California again for many years. VERY VERY hostile to RVers. Hope you venture to the Pacific Northwest! It’s amazing. Keep us all posted on the Anthem… we are hanging on every word, as I know many are. Too big of a purchase to put up with that kind of crap. Cheers!

    • Tom Medlock says:

      Theresa Baker , so very sorry you did not have any good vibes in California . Having RV’n pretty much my adult life in Cal I can not remember any place or any one being hostile ever. And we motorhome once a month and we go to places that have bad reviews. Granted some places are not that nice but no hostilty. Now, Malibu, have not been there, can’t say any thing about it. I do hope you will give California a 2nd chance. You might try a couple of parks , Chula Vista RV Park in Chula Vista CA. or Pachanga RV Resort in Temecula CA. Both great parks.I hope you will come back….Glenn , I hope you guys are kick’n ass and taking names now that your at Entegra. Don’t forget Spartan is just up the road a bit in Bristol. You might pop in on them and talk to them regarding steering and what ever.I and others would love to hear what they have to say. The RV industry need to get it’s act together. Keep up the great Blog and Videos.

      • GRT says:

        Thanks Tom
        This past week I have met up with 80 Entegra owners and my steering problem is fairly uncommon. Most are blissfully happy and only have the normal small issues which Entegra did managed to solve (for everyone at the rally) quickly and very professionally. Our opinion of them has changed for the better.

    • GRT says:

      Hi Theresa

      Thanks for your message, I wouldn’t say it’s sloppy I just think some of the suppliers they have are letting them down on bad quality products. We have just finished attending a Entegra rally and it was quite honestly “mind blowing” they managed to fix most of the problems there & then for everyone that had a problem. It was absolutely faultless. We all when on an extended factory tour and I came out thinking, “yes” I have bought the best Rv on the market. They just couldn’t do enough for us (and when I say us I mean all 80- Entegra owners that attended). So I think that we have turned the corner and are looking forward to some better times on the road.

  8. Kathy says:

    Oh Glenn & Julia…I am so very sorry for all the issues you have / have had on your Entegra. Please know we send our best wishes this all gets sorted to your satisfaction. We so wish for you to have happier, and safe travels again soon!

    • GRT says:

      Hi Kathy
      Thanks for your message, we are sitting in a campsite in Columbus, Missouri drinking a glass of wine and smiling, so yes we have turned the corner and are happy. Most of our issues have been resolved and by Wednesday our steering should be sorted out for once and for all.

  9. Brian Hubbard says:

    I would believe, Entegra Coach would put their best effort forward to solve the problems you are having with your coach.
    You are putting your travels on a social media site for all too see. It would only look good for them if they solve the problems.
    It makes me second guess my decision to purchase a Entegra. This is a big ticket item. Entegra should do what’s right by it’s customers. Or chance them buying a competitors coach.

    • GRT says:

      Hi Brian
      The problem is always of course when you have an RV you are traveling, Entegra did pull out all of the stops and have resolved most of our issues. There are some small issues outstanding but we are not getting stressed over these. The way we have been treated in the past 10 days by Entegra showed us they are really serious about customer satisfaction.

  10. Ronnie Sims says:

    Hello Glenn,Julia, sorry to hear of your difficulties. My wife and I just purchased our first RV. We bought an Entegra Aspire new 2016. Our coach is still at Lazy Days getting some issues fixed before taking delivery. I have been following your travels since Febuary this year and was aware of your problems when I made my purchase. So I new that Ted Cook is the mfg. Rep for Entegra at Lazy Days. Ted is also the design engineer for Entegra (25+yrs). Knowing your situation I made an appointment with Ted to get a feel for their customer service and reliability to fix issues after the purchase. So far they have been very responsive and have fixed and addressed every issue we have had. I also brought up your situation to Ted. He said he may have talked to you on one or two issues and said they were resolved. However he was not aware of all the other ongoing problems. I would suggest you give him a call. I think he can help or at least make your issues known to top level management. Good luck and I will continue to follow your travels.

    • GRT says:

      Hi Ronnie

      Thanks for mentioning that to Ted for me, Yes I think that now everyone at Entegra knows the problems I have with my coach. Fortunately it seems to be the odd one, the bulk are fine. You will love your coach and the Aspire is a damm good coach (incidentally the steering problems that a few owners have only seems to affect the Anthem). The Entegra rally we have just attended was brilliant and I just wish we were in the US for the next 2-3 rally but we will be back in France. We will be back for the Las Vegas rally so maybe we will will catch up then. Keep watching the videos as we are going to do one that will help new owners soon.

  11. Kenneth Chillson says:

    Ken & Pam and we are retired looking to live the dream.
    Your problems seem to be common with motor homes.
    We have been looking and reading blogs and decided 5th wheels look better.
    drv 5th wheels have a lot of the good build qualities of the best motor homes.
    When we decide on what to get we hope to meet crossing the usa.
    Living the good life be for its to late.

    • GRT says:

      Hi Ken
      You will love traveling the US in whatever vehicle you choose, it’s so diverse you will never get board and you will meet some amazing people on the way.

  12. Ron Story says:

    Glenn an Julia so sorry to here your still at the point of being pist off at such a wonderful coach but the service after sale is so BAD. I just returned from a month down to sons in San Diego,Ca. My coach run great for a 2000 35ft Winnibago. I just need an want a45 foot. I still like to have a cornerstone for there reasons. I hope we all start herring good things and troubles handled an you teemed some butts. Hope you don’t my excitement and some words. Just getting excited as to how they have been treating YOU. In Joy If If You can Ron Story

    • GRT says:

      Hi Ron
      We have been well treated and most of our issues have now been sorted. I thinks that the guys at Spartan are a bunch of clowns as they had my RV for a month, clearly didn’t do much and when I told them that the steering was still bad they said it needed a steering box (which is what it went to Spartan for in the first place) So I think I’ve been shouting at the wrong company. I’m currently in Columbus Minnesota where I have a meeting tomorrow with someone that everyone has recommended me to. Apparently this guy is the only one in the US who knows how to set up the steering properly when owners have a problem. I’ll let you know how we get on.

      • Tom Medlock says:

        Being some what of a chassis expert , I can’t wait to hear what he has to say ! Regarding the steering box , if it is the box , it to is not made by Spartan so it gets back to being poor quality parts being supplied to Spartan . Keep me posted on what you find out. I’am happy things are much better for you guys.

  13. Louis-Marie Pelletier says:

    When I see all the problems you have, I think my choice will be to buy a Marathon Coach Prevost pre-own. 2006 $469,000

  14. John Oliveira says:

    I’m always taken back by the many coach owners that expect that new car experience. My last 2 DPs had major design flaws or were built with cheap parts. There was no way to cool down my Alpha in the dessert or heat it in the winter. My discovery had a cheesey door that could not be fixed from rattling and handled very poorly due to small tires and chassis build. Tons of problems unfixable! The 2014 Cornerstone is built on a great chassis, has a magnificent power train and is very well constructed. It really helps to turn some wrenches yourself, lube and clean things etc. But realize that 3rd part issues are out of their control and will be on other coaches. TVs, slide motors, aqua hot systems etc. And as bad as I hated my shade falling on me, it was just 1 small threadded screw that needed some threac lock not to vibrate loose. Mine powers through the wind and over the mountains with ease and stability. Not the quietes as claimed but quiet enough to use Bluetooth phone and converse at a regular level. Find quality people to service your parts (preferably the manufacturer or distributor) and know that de-bugging a coach is a bit of a journey. Personall I prefer buying 3 year old coaches with 35,000 miles or so on them. Someone else did all the work and I save about 40- 50%. Entegra is a very good coach.

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