Just arrived back in Nashville

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  1. Bryan Goodfleisch says:

    Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday, while walking the dog this morning I notice the green machine cruise by the Yogi Bear Campground!!

    • GRT says:

      Hi Bryan

      Thanks for your wishes.
      You must be close. We are at the KOA site along from the Two Rivers, you should come by and say hello. I always have plenty of beer in stock.

  2. Tom Medlock says:

    The wife and I are wishing you a happy birthday and a great anniversary .Have fun in Nashville.

    • GRT says:

      Thanks tom

      Just going out for dinner and some vino !

    • Bryan says:

      Would’ve loved to have come by to meet you two, last night was our last night in Nashville, took in a show at the opry,dinner out. Headed back home this morning. Safe travels, thanks for the offer.

  3. Kathy says:

    Thanks so much for the time and energy you spend to share videos with everyone. Excellent videos!

    Very best wishes to you both on your Anniversary, and a Happy Birthday!

  4. Hasan says:

    Such a double anniversary required grand double wishes of happiness and wellbeing. That what I wish for you & Julia.

  5. Darian Williams says:

    Steering again!!! though you got that sorted?Happy belated anniversary and B-day.On another note,I was fascinated to read how terrible you were treated at the dealership you ultimately made your purchase(whatever happened to Robin?).I noticed you are selling your home.Where are you moving?(US)Are you gonna ship the “Mothership”back to France?Anyway love you both and I look forward to ALL your vids,(I vicariously live through your vids Ha ha).I still can’t believe that moron treated ya’ll like that and his company STILL got the sale(you are more forgiving than me)anyway,Enjoy your life/adventures and be safe.Darian

  6. Van says:

    Happy Anniversary to you and yours and wishing you the biggest ole Happy Birthday!

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