Driving the CA1 from Leggett to Bodega Bay

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  1. Bryan Black says:

    Did you know that you broke the law…lol. Motorhomes over 40′ are not allowed on HWY 1 in that area. The reason is that when going around the bends and switch backs you encroach onto the on-coming lane. We have experienced that riding on our motorcycle where they usually come wide around the bends. I know that ride is great, but even on a motorcycle it can be emotionally draining. I have inserted the link to Caltrans website for prohibited roads in California for motorhomes over 40′. I have enjoyed your reading your posts of your travels. Maybe one day meet up at an Entegra rally.

    • GRT says:

      Hi Bryan
      Thanks for your message, we did intend to go down the Hwy 1 CA1 from Leggett but as soon as we entered the road it said vehicles over 40′ not permitted. So we turned around and drove down as far as Willetts and then across to the west coast. There were no signs saying we couldn’t /shouldn’t take this route so we continued.
      Yes it was hard going but we don’t tend to use the oncoming lane on bends unless we can see that there is nothing coming, we hug the nearside.

      It’s difficult knowing when there are no signs telling you, so your link will be very useful and for this I thank you.

  2. Alex says:

    Several years ago we drove from Legget to Mendocino and then down the coast… At the time we had a 30ft class C and it was already challenging…

    I know you came from Willits, but I still admire your driving skills…

  3. Lankster Price says:

    Just found your site and see your in my back yard. Your about 3hrs from me… Nice to see you in N. Cali… Hope you having fun.. Weather is a bit cold, but the sun will pop out soon..

    • GRT says:

      Yep weather not been great but it’s winter so what can we expect. We are heading back to France this week and it’ll be real cold out there.Back hear 2nd week of Jan 2017

  4. James Roe says:

    Ya guys pass within 1/2 mile of my house… wow! Wish I was tracking ya a little better.. would have loved to shake you hand… Ya went right threw Sacramento.. but your way down south now..

    • GRT says:

      Yes we drove straight past your door.. We are keeping the real time tracing up to date. I’m sure there will be another occasion for you to buy me a beer !

  5. Kay & Larry Bryan says:

    Hi Julia and Glenn, We have been watching and enjoying your video’s. Thank you for your blogs it’s been such fun.
    We just bought a 17 Cornerstone and pick it up in January spending a few days in Atlanta learning about our new coach then off to Tampa to the big show they are having. We are becoming full timers as my husband is retiring. (Yea).
    We noticed that you pull an GMC Acadia and that is what we are planning on pulling. Just wondered if you have any tips for getting the car ready to be pulled behind the coach. We are having the National Indoor RV folks do this for us, but just would be interest in any tips you could offer.
    Hoping someday to camp near you folks and have a beer with you! Cheers!

    • GRT says:

      Well first of all, congratulations on your purchase, fingers crossed that your RV is trouble free.
      Yes we recently purchased an Arcadia and towing isn’t any problem at all. I would highly recommend the Air Force One breaking system as this is both very slick to connect and a very effective braking system. I installed my own Blueox tow frame and the breaking system but I wouldn’t do this again as this was a real bitch of a job, so the fact you are allowing NIRVC do this work is a good move. As for towing we have no problem with the Anthems 450 Cummins so you won’t even notice it on the back.nOne thing you will need to fit (5 minute job) is a set of these Lock down brackets as these will stop the tow frame from railing around in the receiver, if you are using a drop hitch then you’ll need two of these.
      Hope this helps
      We hope you have a great experience on the road.
      Glenn & Julia

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