Orange peeling

RV orange peeling

It is a shame that Entegra does not finish the exterior paintwork up to the very edges, as in my opinion this does let the overall finish down. We have questioned this lack of attention to detail and we have been told that this is the industry standard. Who would have thought that there is an industry standard approving unfinished (orange peel) paintwork on an $500,000 RV?!

Brief explanation of orange peeling

So what is orange peel all about? It sounds like a funny term when I first heard of it, but it make sense after I found out what it is all about. Paintwork which suffers from orange peel looks like this:

Now, does it looks like a real orange peel? 😀

Orange Peel

Orange Peel  Example

You can totally live with the peels on the paintwork, they aren’t gonna harm your paint. If you do polish your car frequently, the peels will eventually be reduced over time, theoretically 😀 because each time you polish the paintwork, there’s some degree (minor) of levelling on the clearcoat.

For me, it’s an eyesore problem, even if you have the paintwork highly polished, the gloss and reflection just aren’t the best!

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