Entegra Sofa

Entegra Sofa

This is very disappointing, when you visit a dealer with the view to buying a new coach you don’t actually spend that much time sitting on the sofa, probably as little as 5-10 minutes.

uncomfortable Sofa

This is the sofa installed as standard into the 44B floorpan

If you spend anytime sitting on this particular sofa you start to realise that it is just so uncomfortable. It is like sitting on a bus seat – not the sort of relaxing comfort you want when watching TV or a 2 hour long film. The seat cushions are made of hard foam – you don’t sink into them at all. The back is very low and offers no support. The seat depth is short and you actually feel yourself sliding off the sofa.

Great News

Villa have asked if we will visit them in our RV and they have promised to restful and correct the sofa to our liking.

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