We have full power again

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  1. Margaret BARRINS says:

    Need some more photos or videos.
    Bon chance with the journey!

    • GRT says:

      Hi Margaret
      There are loads of photos and video to come, it’s just a case of finding time to edit hem and then upload them. Glad that you are following pour travels. Wouldn’t it be great if we could do a mega OZ trip !

  2. Gary Wiles says:

    Glenn & Julia:

    Love your articles and your videos, but I have one question on your last published video, “how do you wash your coach in the winter on the road”. Do you use conventional water and a scrub device? Do you use a truck wash?

    Living in New Mexico and spending winters (Feb -March) in Arizona we see units that travel through our state and have experienced terrible winter weather and need to be washed and serviced by professionals using specialized equipment. Washing road salts and dirt while still on the road is a challenge that most of us have not attempted. When you get to Quartzite you will find vendors that will wash & wax both your car and coach for almost nothing, but be careful of the scrubbing devices.

    One thing I have learned about washing Entegras is not to use a brush (even the soft brushes) because it will leave slight scratches in the Entegra finish that will over time dull the appearance and require a complete buffing. I talked to an Entegra driver at a recent Las Vegas rally and he told me that his standard orders were not to use a brush under any conditions. As you remarked in your video that the coach has an amazing paint job.

    Keep up the great communications and enjoy your adventures, American is a treasure of amazing travel experiences.


    2015 Entegra Anthem 44B with mods

    • Glenn says:

      Hi Gary

      We hav purchased a really small pressure washer from Home Depot and I try (temperature permitting) to wash the RV when we park up. I know that road salt can over time do damage so I make sure that once we are out of the area when there is salt /grit on the roads I give the underneath a really good jet wash. I did wash the RV one evening outside Cummins when the generator was being fixed and the water was freezing as I was washing it, but it did the job.

      Thanks for watching the videos.

  3. Craig Brady says:

    We really enjoy traveling along with you two. We are based in Arizona, and travel between our house in Sun City West and our house in Orange County California. We see quite a bit of Quartzite, as that is a regular stop for us between the houses, so we really enjoyed that posting. We have yet to Boondock there.

    Thanks for sharing all of your experiences. We have a new 2016 Fleetwood Bounder 33C, so can really relate to some of the early shakedown challenges with a new coach.

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