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  1. Mohammed says:

    I loved all the videos really I learn too much from you and the really grateful tips

    Just a question as your from UK and most of the European UK & Middle Eastrn countries the voltage along with the frequency is totally different than USA so if you need to hookup your coach with the shore power and as you know all the equipments …etc. in your RV is 110 v so how you can fixed this issue

    I am planning to buy a new RV within January 2017 and ship to middle east area UAE Dubai so what’s the best solution to hookup the rv with shore power 240v without damaging any equipment in the RV

    • GRT says:

      Well it’s funny you ask, I actually designed and had manufactured the ONLY product that would not only change the voltage but also change the frequency from 50Hz to 60Hz
      Have a look here: I have just decided to stop making this as the apathy within Europe vs the investment I have made getting this product to market makes it no longer viable.

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