Still no word from Entegra

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  1. Graham Thorley says:

    My wife and I attended the Feb 23 – 26 Good Sam RV show in Phoenix. While there and looking at the National Indoor RV Centers (NIRVC) Entegra units we ran into Tadd Jenkins. We explained to him we have been following your website and issues. As a result we are undecided if we would continue to consider Entegra in our future.

    Our conversation lasted 30 or so minutes and we covered a lot of our concerns, not just about Entegra, but about the lack of dealers concerns/service after the sale for a customer who spends the dollars required to purchase an Entegra class on RV.

    Tadd impressed me in stepping up and not trying to minimizes your issues nor the typical RV dealer network issues. However, he did explain why he joined NIRVC — NIRVC started out as a RV service center and only recently got into sales. Therefore, the service center procedures were well entrenched before any sale department became incorporated in the business plan. Consequently, I was pleased to see your video on NIRVC confirming what Tadd had told us.

    That said, with last year’s Thor purchasing Jayco, once again we are not convinced Entegra is our future. From a lot of threads on the internet, it seems Thor customers are not happy with the lack of timely customer or no customer service. Now you seem to now be finding out those threads are right.

    With Tadd and others leaving Entegra and your lack of response from Entegra’s management and/or customer service, it seems Thor is one more time following its own corporate takeover template with customer support not high on the list of top priorities

    Time will tell, but we are following your lack of customer support closely and have placed customer support at the top of our list for any RV we purchase.

    Thank you for your website and hope you continue to have a mostly joyous time in your journey.

    Graham Thorley

    • GRT says:

      I will be doing a whole video soon on the total lack response from Entegra with regards to warranty claims. Perfect example I dropped my RV of at Lazydays Tampa for half a dozen jobs on the 15th Feb, and today I receive an e-mail telling me that they haven’t done anything yet as they are waiting for parts.

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