Arriving at Spartan

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  1. Herbie G. AKA Redjaguar 100 says:

    Hi Glenn,
    I really hope you finally have this steering issued sorted. You have been very patient but it comes a time when either they fix it or make you whole for your troubles. I am truly looking forward for return and awesome vids. Good luck and We’ll see you when you cross the pond.

  2. Joe says:

    Good luck Glen no one should have to deal with this . I can guarantee you I will never purchase an Entegra. I’ve researched quite a bit and I’ve noticesd one thing. This company has a lot of complaints against it. This should not happen at this price point. Newmar seems to get a good amount of positive feedback.

    • GRT says:

      The actual Entegra part of the product is good but the chassis issues are letting this brand down badly.

      • Albert says:

        Hi Glen, other manufacturers of motor coaches deal with spartan chassis and they don’t have the problems you have . Which brings me back to entegra as the problem. Entegra expands on the structure on the chassis received by spartan and I believe that part if not all of the problem is coming from there and that is leading to the steering issue somehow because I can’t find other brands that use spartan having this problem.ciao

    • Marc Rodstein says:

      Joe, I think that is a mistake. If you let one or two lemons stop you from buying a brand, then there is no brand that you will be able to buy, including Newmar. I know many many people that are very happy with their Entegras including some that have purchased two, three and even five of them. They would not keep buying again and again if the product was no good. Although Glenn’s steering problem is very disturbing, it is also unusual. Most people praise the steering and handling of their Entegras. Spartan Chassis are widely acclaimed. Unfortunately for Glenn, his is one of a few that have issues. Stay tuned, I’m certain that Spartan will make him happy in the end.

      • GRT says:

        Yes our steering has now been fixed and the Entegra is driving well. I’ll be making a video report about this.

        • Albert says:

          Hi Glen,
          I enjoy your channel and have been following for a while .
          We are also looking to buy a motorhome and entegra cornerstone was on our list as our first choice. Yes we have done a lot of research and watched countless videos of a few brands. We found that entegra ,compared to other comparable brands in its class seems to be a good choice. But seeing the problems that you have had and continue to have we will not purchase a entegra. Further more entegra as well as jayco have been bought by Thor company and they have a lot of complaints even more than entegra. I also looked at recalls and I was shocked to see that entegra has as we speak multiple recalls on all the products including cornerstone. I believe that if a entegra owner as well as a motorcoach owner of any brand has the problems that you have had then they should get a replacement . It is not fair that a person works hard and saves there money to purchase a dream and spends most of the time repairing the new product that they bought. I don’t understand that you haven’t contacted a lawyer and discuss your situation. .
          With that said I wish that it works out at the end . But a small note glen ,like I said , we have been following you and love what and how you do your videos and have seen several times the problem of steering come up and get fixed and then the problem continues. I would not accept that as a coach owner. I’m sorry but I just think it’s wrong for a company to cheat customers this was . All the best

  3. Darryl gunderson says:

    Just wanted to say welcome back and I hope it all works out. Our new coach should be delivered in the next few weeks.

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