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  1. Robert Herl says:

    Dear Glen,
    I have reviewed your films with regards to Steering issues on the Entegra Bus, I just had the experience of a front
    driver side tire blow out on My 2013 (1) owner with 10,290 miles when purchased from owner in Aug 2019. I did a
    trip to Iowa in late August round trip 1100 mile and experienced having to fight the steering wheel continually. Well On Sept 29th 2019 i took my wife in her 1st RV run, we were going to Las Vegas for our 40th anniversary and had the blowout……PS really didn’t like watching blowout segment …BUT I was able to keep him on the interstate 40 in Grants New Mexico……With ALL that has happened I really would like to know what fixed your
    coach, the Safe-T-Plus or what Spartan and Entegra did which Icannot find the report which fixed the problem. WE really would appreciate what it is they fixed, I currently in the middle of putting together repairs to the front diver side compartment and slideout that recieved massive damage from the Goodyear Tire, We would deeply appreciate your resolution, really need to make sure this wandering wheel gets resolved the 1st time, I aggree with everything you have exposed when it comes to something as Serious as this all is!. You are putting your life on the line when you start driving one of these down the road……PS still cleaning my britches BoB H Hays, KS

    • GRT says:

      Hi Robert
      Really sorry for the late reply, We’ve been so busy with some other projects. Did you still need me to reply, if so I’m happy to do so.

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