RV Now Ready

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5 Responses

  1. philippe nathalie says:

    hello les amis comment se passe votre séjour ? envoi moi un mail pour me dire si tu reçois bien nos messages bisous a vous deux nath et phil

  2. philippe nathalie says:

    hello glenn et julia super la video donne moi votre Skype stp bisou a vous

  3. Mike and Maz says:

    Wow, you never fail to supprise us, in the US and a new RV, were on our way, (we wish) what an adventure you have before you both. We gather the house is still up for sale, have you rented it out for a couple of years? Also the band must be very sorry to see you go. We enjoied the video, very poffesional and look forward to getting regular updates as it looks like we have missed a few already..

    Just off to work in the real world, not jealous at all, have a great time.
    Maz and Mike.

  4. reynal says:

    coucou j espere que votre sejour se passe bien on regarde vos videos bons séjours bisou sur skype

  5. philippe nathalie says:

    hello les amies alors ce voyage se passe bien ? ici il fait très chaud on a hâte de vous voir en video sur Skype bisous a vous deux bon voyage

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