RV GSM/WiFi antena

RV GSM/WiFi antena

RV GSM/Wifi antenna

Rv owners need internet access

The year is 2016 and virtually everyone that can walk & talk has at least one mobile phone. all RV users rely on the internet and campsite wifi to keep in contact with either business and or friends and family. So why do the Rv manufactures not fit a GSM/wifi antenna as standard. we all use this technology and yet a retro fit antenna is really difficult with regards to getting the cable from the rooftop antenna to the inside of the RV. Most people have to either run the cable from the antenna down one of the vents or hang the cable over the side and through a window.



Both of these methods are fairly Micky mouse. Even if the RV manufactures prefer not to install an antenna why not at least run the cables or at least some empty conduit to make this “must have” product easy to install.

RV Roof Antenna


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