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  1. Chris says:

    Show a detailed video of the inside of the RV. Get Julia to do it and describe more, so everyone can see the sheer size. Is there a 2nd bedroom and bathroom? In the last video, even the driver’s cab looked enormous and Julia seemed to be sitting so far away from you!
    Does this RV open wider when you are parked? What is at the front of the RV when it is opened up? How long does it take to hook up to water, plumbing and electricity? Where does the flushed water in the toilets go when you are on the road, or can you not use them? Can you walk from the Living quarters through to the drivers cab or is it separate and entered through its own doors?

    • GRT says:

      Hi Chris

      Great to hear from you, yes we will make a video explaining all you have asked so you have a better understanding of how everything works. Keep following travels
      G & J

  2. Flora says:

    We are loving the videos, Glenn and Julia! Especially the lighthouses…so glad you found the correct lighthouse on the second try and didn’t have to locate the rest of them. Glad the hubcap issue was a relatively easy fix. Things happen. We’ve not been up to Cape Cod area although that is on our bucket list. Looking forward to more videos.

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