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  1. Jerry Johnston says:

    Kind of a lame discount since the Bott’s ( ) were able to get a discount of 10%. Good try though!
    Also see Griot’s for cleaning supplies.
    Sorry I wasn’t able to add links.

    • GRT says:

      The discount code was supposed to be for 10% (I didn’t check it). I have been issued a new code now of: GTCR and this is the max they offer and IS 10%


  2. Jerry Johnston says:

    Thanks! I appreciate all the information you are providing, especially your experience with the Entegra. Really an enjoyable blog.

  3. Gary Haynes says:

    Dittos on the CRSpotless. Great product. Glenn, rather than the cheap car wash soap do check out Griots Garage products. I use their Wash and Wax. Fantastic product. Water always beads. And their microfibre wash mitts etc are also outstanding products.

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