Lazydays has to be the worst RV dealer for service in the RV industry

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  1. Judy Bolton says:

    Hi Glenn, we have seen your video and blog posts and appreciate you sharing your concerns. We have tried calling you to discuss this matter further and would still like to speak with you. Please give us a call back at your earliest convenience.
    We have also read through all of the comments on this thread and would like to let everyone know we hear you and we apologize for raising concerns about the safety of our repairs. If our team is not delivering top-quality repairs and service, we want to hear about it so we can correct the situation immediately. We encourage anyone who has had concerns with their experience at Lazydays to take advantage of our feedback form on our site. It’s there to ensure quality control. We read each and every submission and take immediate action where needed.
    Lazydays cares about each of our customers, especially their safety, and we appreciate the opportunity our customers have to make their concerns known though social media channels. We would be happy to discuss any concerns our customers may have regarding this post or any others that are posted. Please feel free to contact me directly, Judy Bolton, Director of Customer Experience

    • GRT says:

      I have tried calling you but you were unavailable, so I will try again later today

    • Tom Medlock says:

      Layzdays, please tell Glenn and everybody that reads his blog that you have fired the person that put in the short bolt or did not tighten and torqued the nut properly. If you have not fired him he is going to cost Layzdays millions and millions of dollars in a law suit. Lazy days, you dodged a bullet on this one .

  2. Bama says:

    It’s funny to hear all your negative comments about Lazydays. I wonder what it is you actually expect. These are huge machines and things take time. It is a Huge dealership, so getting in line and waiting your turn would be expected.
    Some people just can’t be satisfied no matter what. Just my opinion and observation about the video. A lot of people leave here very happy and are return customers. I’ve actually had bad experiences at restaurants and said I’d never return but I’m sure there are others that think it’s the best place to eat..
    I guess it’s ok that you are just one of those customers that are hard to serve.
    Thank goodness everyone isn’t like this..

    • GRT says:

      My first question is: Do you have an RV? probably not. We have spent over $350 dollar on our RV and I expect a service. If you have the time have a look at all of our videos and tell me if you would be happy with the service and workmanship we have received. If you would be then please make me an offer to buy my RV and you can ride off into the distance blissfully happy.

  3. Tom Medlock says:

    Well said Glenn . What do you expect from a $350.00 motor home ? HA HA

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