How to purchase an RV

How to purchase an RV

As a result of our very successful you tube channel: Great-Escape we are constantly contacted by people both in the US and other countries such as Australia, New Zealand and the rest of Europe about advice on how to purchase an RV similar to the one that we purchased a couple of years ago.

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How to purchase an RV

So the purpose of this guide is to help those people who are considering purchasing an American RV, which let’s face it is a major high-value purchase. After extensive research there seems to be a real lack of solid advice, especially if you are considering this purchases as a non US citizen.

In this guide we explain what is involved in “matter of fact” language, and armed with this advice you stand a fighting chance of not being ripped off by the ever hungry sales people who are praying on the uninformed.

I was going to start by saying “I wouldn’t say I was an expert” but after RVing for 12 years across most of Europe and more recently the USA, it is clearly obvious that there are an awful lot of people out there who need to know how to go about buying, registering, insuring, driving, maintaining and storing their RV, and I think passing on our experiences over those years could be of invaluable help.

So the purpose of this guide is to shed some light on these subjects and hopefully make the path to doing all of the above a lot easier.

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This guide does not cover every aspect of RVing as this is a very large subject and there are too many variables.

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