Heading back to France

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  1. SID Duncan says:

    So sorry for your troubles. I own a Travel Supreme home. Travel Supreme was bought by Jaco which owns Entergra. The use several of the floor plans and I ovations that Travel Supreme made. I love my motorhome but there is always something to repair or upgrade. Hope you have better luck in April.

  2. Ron Story says:

    truly enjoyed talking to Rich-Julia feelies like I know them and. Loosing friends. hope they will keep in touch afar and back here again, By the time they return I should be back on the road again and with my ne was couch tether a ENTEGEGRA or AMERICAN COACH EAGLE. l Just hope they don’t have any more problems. Happy Trails

  3. Ron Story says:

    Rich-Julia see Ya on the return visit. FRIENDSHIP is hard to say LATER

  4. Shucks Jones says:

    Safe Travels. Look forward to more future adventures.

  5. Kathy says:

    Safe travels on your return to France. We have a Cornerstone and look forward to your return in April. So enjoyed your web and videos..wishing you many good travels in your Anthem again, too!

  6. Stevie says:

    Hi Glenn & Julia, Really sorry to hear your trip has been cut short. What a pain. Hope all get’s sorted by April and you can continue. All the best, Steve.

    • GRT says:

      Hi Stevie boy
      Yes a bit of a bummer, but nothing a few bottles of wine won’t cure! When are you coming out to the US to visit us?

      keep smiling matey


      • Stevie says:

        You never know, I might make it one day. Lets catch up soon, I’ll call you. Still laugh at our Friday afternoon out 2 years ago. That was fantastic. 🙂

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