Florida Keys

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  1. Tom Medlock says:

    Wife and I was there once. Loved it ! We can say we saw the “Southern Most ” cat setting on the southern most fence in the United States . Would like to get back down there in the motor home . Make sure you go to the Green Parrot Bar and have a cold one under the parachute and check out all the art work . Ha Ha. A real dive bar. Wish we wre there ! Have fun down there you guy’s.

  2. John Stoneberg says:

    Been there done that. I hope you went out of town North where the the biker bars are (Ormand Beach area). They are unbelievable. Some are built right into the tree tops very cool. Flora of course doesn’t want to do it so I usually go with a few friends from Florida. It is a trip that’s for sure. Too bad we are not in Florida this year because I would have shown you some sights that you probably missed. Maybe next year as we have reservations in Florida from Dec thru March.

    • GRT says:

      We would like nothing more that to spend some time with you guys on the road, and as you know I’m partial to a beer or two !!. I did send you an e-mailthe other day did you get it?
      Speak soon
      Glenn & Julia

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