Flights back to the US

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  1. Paul Berlin says:

    We look forward to your new videos . We are going to be getting a Entegra a Aspire or Anthem just depends on our money situation after we retire and sell our small business. We hope that’s all done in the next couple of months as we are past ready. I’m fixing to order your book on buying a RV.

  2. Tom Heim says:

    I love your youtube videos. My wife and I had planed to do just like the two of you, but health issues have gotten in the way. We planed it for a long time and bought a Fleetwood Bounder Diesel 10 years ago so its payed off and we could go now. I sure hope you have GOOD luck this year. We will all be watching.

  3. Patricia Tonks says:

    Hello. We’re seriously looking into buying RV in USA and touring,
    – like yourselves. Can you recommend best methods of paying £ to $ – just concerned about payment security but with $ low finding the best value. Will be looking/buy in January.
    Any useful tips welcome. Thank you.

    • GRT says:

      Hi Patricia
      I have a guide I’ve put together that will guide you through most of it available at RV-mods
      As for the money transfer I used HIFX in the UK but you have to really keep an eye on the market as the currency fluctuation can cost you (or make you) a fortune.
      Do yourself a favour and if you are buying new only buy from NIRVC, or you may well live to retreat it as most dealers are sharks. Let me know if you need a contact name there and I’ll put you in touch with someone.
      All the best

  4. Murray Ashworth says:

    Hello Glen and Julia,
    Thx for all the great entertaining videos, Glen & Julia I love your choice of music you edit into those videos. A sad couple of days ago, loosing one of the greats Malcolm Young! AC/DC fan from the early 70’s.
    Have you thought of coming up to Vancouver Canada sometime? Would love to meet you folk.
    Retired Kiwi (Murray )

    • GRT says:

      Hi Murray
      We are trying to plan to get to Vancouver possibly this time next year, so you’ll have to keep an eye on the website as I’ll make it public where we are going.

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