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  1. Dwayne Brightwell says:

    Wonderful news! I hope Entegra get’s this right! I’m sure they will based on all the company videos and their pursuit of excellence. Being a future customer I am following your story with interest. Looking forward to more videos of your travels and not of coach maintenance!#@$%

    • GRT says:

      Here’s hoping! The after sales service is pretty faultless. My issue is why don’t they make the bloody thing right in the first place?

      Ah well, this will be the last time, if I still have a heap of problems I will take legal advise. But let’s stay positive !!!!

      Be back soon and the videos will start to roll.

  2. Dave R says:

    A friend sent me a link to this video and I had to share it with you. Loved the music in your video of Quartsite, Arizona. Like I commented in the response on your You-tube channel, this video concert was exactly what I experienced in College at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. 1977. What a flash back. This video appears to be shot in England? Maybe. Any ways enjoy! Safe travels back to the states, and hope your Coach is all better:)

  3. Jeff says:

    I have been to Bristol a number of times and really enjoyed it. It can be a little bit of sensory overload, but I think you can handle it. Make sure you have head phones as they are in my opinion a requirement, if you want to hear afterwards.

  4. Marc Rodstein says:

    I hope you speak French!

    Wellington, FL
    2013 Entegra Anthem

  5. Brian Robinson says:

    Thought I would drop a quick note to let you know how much my wife and I have enjoyed your videos! We have a new (to us) 2013 Anthem and stumbled onto your blog while doing research. We have towed 5th wheels the last couple of years from St. Louis to Maine and Florida (and most places in between). We had no idea how much we would enjoy the experience of “getting there” and are looking forward ever more so to the ride now…

    Great humor, insights and music in your videos -thank you for sharing!



    • GRT says:

      Hi Brian
      Thanks for your interest in our videos, we will soon be back and I’ll start uploading more videos of our travels and experiences. This trip we are going to do a big circuit starting at St louis, then Nashville, then Bardstown, then Indianapolis and then finishing back in Elkhart ,Indianna. We have some good French friends with us so can’t really goo too far south as we need to get them back to Chicago air port. Then we will be free to travel where we like.


  6. Ted says:

    Well, glad you are comming back. Nashville is interesting and the Grand Old Opery tour is fantastic. Can’t say much for the rv parks near Nashville, not the best, you may as well stay right near the Opery,, 5 minutes away are a couple of rv parks, just a place to park and sleep. I would highly recommend you plan on visiting Pigeon Forge, 3 hrs away and staying at a wonderful RV park, Up the Creek, beautiful, small, relaxing, and minutes from Pigeon Forge, tacky, but fun America, and visit Dollywood. You will love the rv park and hopefully Dollywood is open, usually weekends, it’s very nice. Went to the area thinking I would hate it, turned out to be the best of relaxation and tacky America tour that we needed. I can’t wait to return. Ps, I’m Canadian traveled the world and this area just rang out as home and as an excellent rv trip.
    As for new rv purchase, I had decided on Entegra, but after your issues all plans to buy something new are cancelled, I could not handle what you have been thru.

    • GRT says:

      Hi Ted

      Thank you for the informative e-mail re places to go, I’m sure we will do some of these places on our trip. It’s always good to know that people are taking an interest in our travels. As you know our Entegra is back (again) at the factory and they are absolutely bending over backwards to fix everything to our liking, so 10 out of 1o for that, Why can’t they just do it right the first time? I don’t buy all the crap they people say about all RVS’s are the same so I should just accept it. This is our third Rv in 15 years our first Rv was a coachmen the 2nd was a Fleetwood and now an Entegra. Well the first two RV’s we had absolutely no issues at all, so was that luck? I think not. keep an eye out for our new videos which I’ll be putting out shortly after picking up the RV.


  7. Shucks Jones says:

    Nice!!! Looking forward to some new adventures and informative videos.

  8. Eric says:

    We are going down (from WI) to enjoy the Bourbon Trail in May.. We will be at the KY Horse Park Campground just north of Lexington… not sure if you’ve found a place to camp, but I would highly recommend staying there…

    Additionally.. We were there last year, but got rained out on Saturday (we’re riding our Harley’s) and decided to try again this year.. We were able to visit Woodford Reserve and would HIGHLY recommend doing their tour.. very cool..

    Also, if you get a chance, I would recommend doing the Makers Mark Tour as well…

    Good Luck !!

    • GRT says:

      Hi there and thanks for the e-mail, great info there and we will be taking your advise, Sounds like a blast with the HD. We may be coming backk that way in may so may well swing by. I’ll look up the KY Horse Park Campground just north of Lexington and get it booked.

      Thanks again for your interest in our site

      Safe travels


  9. Claudia Glennan says:

    Last May we did the “Horsey Hundred” and toured Woodford Reserve. ( ) Excellent information & history & tasting, I highly recommend & would do it again. We were going to stay at Whispering Hills RV Park but could not get a reservation (HH was over Memorial Day weekend & everything was booked) personnel were very pleasant on the phone & park looked good online but I can’t give an experienced recommendation. We ended up not taking ECRyder and stayed in the dorms which was fun & more convenient for the ride.
    The 31st is my birthday so l’ll think good travel thoughts for you. Hope future adventures are positive

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