Entegra tips part 1 & 2

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  1. Barrie Loberg says:

    Excellent Video! We just picked up our new 2017 Entegra Anthem 44B. Thank you for the tips. We had the same problem with the wipers. It was on my list to be fixed but now I know what to do. It’s funny I was on the fence about the spotless for the vehicle wash but now I’m definitely going to get it for the shower doors! Love all your videos and blog. I’d say you definitely influenced our decision to go ahead and buy an Entegra. We did get it from Orlando RV/RV Direct. I’ve been following your site since the beginning of the year and we just picked up our new Anthem a few weeks ago. Love it. Driven about 2000 miles. No steering problems. (Fingers crossed). So the steering can work. Hopefully they figure yours out soon. Looking forward for chance to meet at one of the Ralleys. Cheers.

    • GRT says:

      Hi Barrie
      First of all, congrats on your new RV we love out (despite the steering issues) The spotless will make cleaning your new baby a real easy job. Only use it to rinse the soap off, don’t use it to wet the RV first as this will deplete the resin quicker. Also don’t forget when ordering to use the code: GTCR this way you will receive a discount. Which sales person did you buy from in Florida?

    • Essy says:

      At last, somonee who comes to the heart of it all

  2. Tom medlock says:

    Glenn , Julia…Love the tips. I ‘am going to try the De-ionized water in my home shower. I ‘am tired of using a squeegee .
    You guy’s should try this product… Plexus Plastic Cleaner Protectant & Polisher…I use it outside on the headlights , taillights , docking lights , turn signals even on the chrome mirrors . On the inside I use it on the TV’s , Dvd players , micro wave any thing plastic. It works great ! Those cool looking headlights and taillights on the Big Green Machine will look even more cool .
    I found this product when I owned a NASCAR stock car team . We used it to clean the Lexan windows and to remove the rubber marks on body of the car.
    You can get it on line.
    Well that’s my tip…

  3. Bill Kloos says:

    Thanks Glenn and Julia. Great video! I’ve been looking for seat belt clips like the ones you have for two months. All that I have found are either brightly colored or cheaply made. Where did you get yours? Thanks.

    • GRT says:

      Yes, you don not want tacky stuff in your RV. We purchased from a shop in DFW here are the details:

      Brianna Abernathy
      Sales Associate
      (888) 604-8202
      (817) 820-0701
      115 West 2nd Street Fort Worth TX 76102

      • Bill Kloos says:

        Sorry to bother you again. I was asking about the clips, not the lambs wool covers. Overland looks like a nice clothing store and I saw the lambs wool covers on their website, but do they sell the clips too? Hope your trip back to Paris was uneventful.

  4. Roger B. Wilkins says:

    Julia & Glenn,
    Love watching ya’ll travel the colonies and work thru your serious axle alignment problem. Your tips are very helpful & as a man who has put on his share of chains while lying in snow, those “socks” are the greatest.
    In spite of any ongoing issues, your Anthem is impressive and acts as a benchmark to compare other construction methods, + 60 DB @ 60 MPH is one of the best reason to buy it.
    Glenn a man who loves his beer and has great taste in Rock & Roll music has got to be all right.
    Glad you eliminated those poor audio problems.
    Best to you & Julia in your travels.
    Later, Roger

  5. Brian Hubbard says:

    I noticed a big, no a gigantic problem with part two.
    No Julia, Glenn you’re a handsome man, but Julia is so much prettier. At least hold up a photo of her it will make the video’s so much better and interesting.
    Have fun and keep the rubber on the road.

  6. Dave Gilmore says:

    Fantastic videos, great tips. Many thanks Anita and Dave.

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