Steering Finally fixed

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  1. Mike says:

    Are you going to be able to post what they changed? Thank you for the update. We are just starting to turn our 2007 into a rental unit and would like to purchase a 2017 Cornerstone or Anthem summer of 2017.


    • GRT says:

      Hi Mike
      If you look further down these posts you will see that I posted the letter from Spartan detailing all the work they did.

      • Reluctant Poster says:

        Hmmm… unable to locate.

      • Bobby Sharpe says:

        Hi, we are having the same issues with the steering on our 2015 Aspire. 3 alignments in 20,000 miles in 6 months and now I am told it is not out of alignment but does everything you described in the video with how it steers. Could not find the letter from Spartan on what work they completed to fix the problem on your chassis. Is there a possibility I could see what they did to maybe get an idea for ours? Any help would be so appreciated, thank you!

        • GRT says:

          Hi Bobby
          Really sorry for the late reply, We’ve been so busy with some other projects. Did you still need me to reply, if so I’m happy to do so.

  2. Flora Stoneberg says:

    So glad this was finally resolved, Glenn. Now you will really love the coach, as you’ve said in the video. Think you will be happy with the straight sofa, too! See you at the Balloon Fest, hopefully, and Las Vegas for sure!

    • GRT says:

      Hi Flora
      Great to hear from you and we have decided to stay longer at the baloon fest so that we can have a few night drinking with you guys. So we will see you there. I send you a private mail to get your mobile number. And yes the coach drives like a dream. so well done Entegra & Spartan.

  3. Alex says:

    Hello Glenn!

    So happy that this issue is finally resolved and the real fun for Julia and you can now begin… If you ever come to the SF bay area we would be pleased to have you for dinner here in Saratoga.

    On a different note: There is a 2015 Anthem for sale at Motorhome Specialist:

    For a moment we thought you were so frustrated to sell yours. Then we noticed the different color scheme in the interior… However – would be interesting to know why an almost brand new coach is sold…

    See you on the road,

    • GRT says:

      Hi Alex
      I don’t know who’s coach is for sale its nit ours, we are happy with our RV, vey happy, and funny we are heading up to SF soon so I may well look you up.

  4. Rick and Jenn says:

    Thank you for the update on your coach. I am happy for you to finally have the problem fixed. Wouldn’t it be great if all RV’s came to us trouble free working and driving the way they should. Now you and Julia can enjoy your travels headache free. Good luck, happy camping and thank you for sharing.

  5. Tom P. says:

    Happy to hear the steering issue has been fixed.
    I have not reviewed the letter you’ve posted from Spartan; should be intresting.
    My wife and I look forward to watching more video as you travel the US.
    Do you have plans to drive to Canada and or up to Alaska ?

    • GRT says:

      We really really do want to visit Canada but we have to choose the right time of year. Canada looks amazing so really forward to it, but it will have to be 2017 now as 2016 is pretty much d booked out

  6. Hi Glen & Julia,
    I love your videos but are you still on he road in America?
    It 2018 and I was hoping your still enjoying being on the road.
    Thinking of getting a spot free Di Rinse any discount that you know of
    Thank you for all the joy you spread with your videos
    John & Brenda

  7. David says:

    What was the main problem with steering? Just found your videos,lots of good info.Keep on Irving.

    • GRT says:

      Hi David.
      If I’m honest, I don’t think anyone actually knows what was wrong with it. They just kept changing stuff (inc tires) until the problem was gone. Not very scientific but it worked.

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