Entegra repair update

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3 Responses

  1. Tom Pickard says:

    Before I read your post I had come across a YouTube video (link below).
    Talks about how the lemon law does not cover RV’s.


    Does the Anthum come with Spartan K2 or K3 Chassis…Wonder if the steering issue is related to design of the chassis?

    I won’t be in the RV market for at least a year or more. I was favoring Entegra.
    But, I guess I have the luxury of seeing how they deal with your problem.

    Please keep posting, my wife and I enjoy your video’s.

    Wish you the best of Luck.

    • GRT says:

      Hi There
      I understand that the Lemon law for RV’s is only applicable in a couple of states, we are lucky (although I don’t think you would class our experience with buying an Entegra ,Lucky) as Montana does have a lemon law for RV’s that covers chassis defects but not the motorhome defects. So next week I will start making contact with some lemon law specialist as I don’t think for a moment that this repair is going to be any different to the last 6 repairs.

      See: https://www.carlemon.com/lemon/mt_lemonguide.html

  2. Tom Pickard says:

    I did’t notice the Montana plates in the video’s until now!
    Are you allowed to register the RV in any state because you are not a US citizen.
    OR did you create a LLC to register your RV.

    You don’t have to tell me, I’m just intreated.

    I’m glad you have some Lemon Law protection!

    Your RV is beautiful and you appear to enjoy it other than the steering issue; to bad.
    Hopefully Spartan can figure it out!…(maybe it came from the factory with a bent frame…if that is possible).

    I also noticed that Jayco was sold to Thor….That doesn’t give me a good feeling about Entegra Line. Hopefully Thor will keep their hand-off and let them continue to make a high quality product (excluding steering issues).

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