Entegra Outburst

We take great pride in providing superior service to each and every owner and are disappointed whenever we learn that an owner has a negative experience. The video in question is particularly discouraging as this owner’s feedback was positive when interacting with his service advisor. We allowed Mr. Tomkins to leave his coach on our Middlebury campus for 5 months while he was out of country. Prior to the video being posted, all issues were discussed in detail with Mr. Tomkins and everything had been resolved- including the same day replacement of the mixing valve in his shower. Unfortunately, we were unable to meet his request that Entegra Coach provide him a new coach in exchange for creating and promoting positive videos. We are saddened that Mr. Tomkins is disillusioned with our brand but we have made every reasonable accommodation to make his experience positive- as is our policy with all of our owners.

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