Entegra Factory

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  1. Flora says:

    Hi Glenn & Julia,
    Since we’ve last been in touch, we’ve been visiting our sons. One in Seattle for a month in campground with no wifi, and the other in Lake Tahoe California for Thanksgiving week. We arrived Sacramento California yesterday and will be here another week visiting the same son in nearby San Francisco. We leave next Tuesday to begin our trek to Florida. We hope to arrive last week of December. What’s your itinerary?
    Don’t know how long you will be in Middlebury, but you must take the factory tour and explore the cute shops and stores in Shipshewana. Blue Gate Theater in Shipshewana had decent entertainment. We saw Josiah For President which was very good. Don’t know if it’s still there. Good luck with your repairs, and keep in touch.

  2. GRT says:

    Hi Flora
    Our Anthem will be there for about 2 weeks (so we have come home to France to get some decent wine) on our return we are heading up to Vail for 2-3 weeks skiing. Then we will probably stay on the west coast for a while. But we will catch up sooner or later and I’ll let you know the outcome of the repairs at the Factory.

    Speak soon

    Glenn & Julia

  3. Flora says:

    Seems like we are criss-crossing each other! You will love Vail and Colorado country, it is spectacular! Hope the weather cooperates for your travel. I know we will meet sooner or later…I’m not forgetting that bottle of wine you promised we’d share!

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