Still no response from Entegra

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  1. Jeff says:

    Maybe instead just blasting them you should call and make sure they are receiving the e-mail. E-mail is not a guaranteed delivery type of system.

  2. George says:

    Just picked up are new Aspire from RVOne Des Moines Iowa late last January. We found about 15 items that needed repair. Wasn’t expecting that on delivery day!!! Two weeks later drove it right back to the factory. I definitely share the same opinion you have about RVOne and Entegra. I have learned a lot by just watching your videos. Maybe one day will cross path and share our nightmare stories over a beer or two

    • GRT says:

      Hi George
      Sadly I hear this too often and it’s such a shame as potentially it could be a leading brand, but we shouldn’t be the guinea pigs. They need to sort their problems out for once and for all and deliver a product that matches the price we pay. Keep watching and enjoy your travels we will be around the East coast for the next year.
      Stay safe

  3. Bob McLeod says:

    I guess I have missed it–
    What prompted the email to Joyce Skinner?

    • GRT says:

      I twice wrote to the new President of Entegra and had no reply as you know and then recently wrote to Joyce and received read receipts regarding a major warranty issue. So not even a ” I have received you mail and will attend to it on my return ” type message.
      So maybe she’s been sacked as well.

  4. Andre says:


    Is there any motorhome manufacturers that actually support their customers, our last experience with our diesel pusher was very familiar. It’s amazing spending that kind of cash and feeling like your on your own the minute you leave the lot.

    We are getting ready for next purchase and having a rough time. We live in Canada so even less choices for services.

    Have you considered the legal path, it’s amazing that you have to consider that option.I worry when they don’t call back, this happened on our last RV, they went bankrupt. Seems these companies don’t hire the best CEO’s to run their businesses, they should consider outsiders that understand how to run a business and not just how to build a motorhome.

    Let us know the outcome!


    • GRT says:

      Hi Andre
      Entegra did eventually get back to me but things have changed since the president Tadd Jenkins left and joined NIRVC. My advise to you is to go where the good people work. So if you are in the market for a new RV I could have the president of NIRVC (forma president of Entegra) call you and you will see what I mean with a 5 minute phone call when I say the good guys. Just let me have you phone number and save yourself a load of aggoravation.
      The last two people I suggested this to both purchased.
      Let me know

  5. Pius Horning says:

    it was a black day indeed when Thor bought out Entegra, such a pity that a good company like entegra who had great service being brought down to the level of a company like thor. Just like Sears being bought out by Kmart and now sears is on the verge of closing all it’s stores

    • GRT says:

      Oh how true that is. Everyone was told that there would be no changes, then they sacked the president and probably a few others and started to take the slippery road down to the service levels of Thor. Painfully disappointing

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