Entegra coach air system

Air Line Points

The entegra coach air system has an auxiliary airline connection which is used to fill the air tanks in order to be able to release the brakes. But finding it must be a industry secret as we only stumbled upon this by accident.

Entegra coach air system

Entegra Coach Air System

Entegra coach air system

The main purpose of this is so that a tow truck can plug in and air up your breaks.  If you lose the air in your air tank your brakes will be permanently on. Some try to pump up the RV’s tires but the RV’s compressor is unable to reach the pressure required for the tires, so you will probably only just be able to inflate the rear tires at a push. The front tires air pressure are too high and the Entegra Air System will not be able to cope with this pressure.

So when you consider that in the event that you have to be towed it will be forward or backwards. So why isn’t there an airport under the hood or in the engine compartment? I have to laugh as Entegra bang on about their attention to detail but again this is a complete lack of attention to detail.  Now this may be a chassis design issue, but when you consider that it’s a small diameter plastic tube so adding a point front and back would sadly be a hardship.

The problem I see if you ever had to utilise this is that your side door would have to be either strapped or tapped closed and you would have a filthy dirty air line rubbing on your paintwork. So you may have had your vehicle recovered but you now need a respray due to an oversight of the manufacture Entegra. I don’t know if this is the same on Newmar and Tiffin.


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