Julia showing off the interior

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  1. Jeff & Terri Burklo says:

    G&J. Welcome to the US and congratulations on your new coach. Terri and I have a 2012 Aspire and really enjoy traveling the US and being able to see this great country through the enormous windshield. We look forward to reading your adventures through your eyes. As a USAF veteran I have been stationed in Europe and the Far East and really enjoyed it. But, I think we all have a tendency to take our country for granted, but getting out and seeing it is one of the most incredible journeys. We just finished a 7,000 mile trip from San Antonio, TX, St Louis, MO, Nashville, TN, Cincinnati, OH, Canes Creek, SC, Disneyworld, FL, Tallahassee, FL, Lafayette, LA, and back to San Antonio, TX and the coach was wonderfully comfortable and drove like a Cadillac …. Smooth and easy!

    If you work your way to San Antonio, TX let me know (email). We would love to meet up with you. Also if you need any RV resort information just post it on the IRV2 site and you will receive some great information.

    God bless
    Jeff & Terri Biurklo
    (Sophie & Louis / yorkies)

  2. hogan says:

    Hi Julia and Glen,
    How are you ?
    I expect you are having a fabulous Time in the US ?

    Is the new RV OK ?

    I am looking forward to seeing you when you come back and hear all your news….! Is Glenn practising his singing ? Maybe he could learn some cowboy songs ?!
    See you soon, Looked at your videos : fabulous ! have a good time !

  3. Margaret BARRINS says:

    Dear Julia and Glenn,
    Great to see all your videos.
    The RV looks magnificent . Bon Voyage!

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