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The Biltmore Estate 0

The Biltmore Estate

We stopped off in Asheville NC on our way to spend Thanks Giving with family and so we just had to visit the famous Biltmore Estate. Really glad we did, bloody amazing place. Asheville...

RV Lake Norman 6

Quick Update

After arriving back to collect the RV we had the normal list of jobs that Entegra haven’t done, then we headed down to Washington DC. This was an amazing place to visit and I...

Entegra fridge replacement 7

Collecting the RV

Rv collection from Entegra coach So after arriving back to Middlebury IN (where I had to collect my car) I was a little concerned when Entegra contacted me to inform me that they had...

On route to Chicago 2

1st part of the Journey

Arrived in Paris at 7:00 pm last night and then up early (5:00am) to catch the early flight to Frankfurt. I’m currently in Frankfurt waiting to board the United flight to Chicago. We Should...

Arriving to collect the RV 0

9 Flights booked

We can now collect our Entegra Anthem RV after the PDI. So finally we have managed to book all of the flights for this trip. We are all leaving from Paris airport but on different...

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