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Chattanooga 10


We are very lucky to been offered a fee parking spot on the side of a lake from some lovely people who have been following our blog over the past couple of years, It’s...

Detailing at NIRVC 7

Trip update

Well where do I start, I drove back to Atlanta to pick Julia up from the airport and had the RV detailed at NIRVC so it was all nice and shiny when the boss...

Worst KOA site 2

KOA Nashville

I thing this has to be the worst KOA site visited so far in the 2 years we have been traveling. So after my terrible experience with a distance relative of the Gestapo at the...

How to install LED lights into your RV pantry 0

How to install LED lights into your RV pantry

We had thought that our pantry cupboard was too dark and needed lighting up, so we decided to install some LED lighting. See how easy or not this job was to complete.  

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