Bose AV System

Bose Cinemate RV entertainment system

Bose cinemate 130 not suitable for the RV application

Bose Cinemate RV entertainment system

The Bose Cinemate RV entertainment system installed into all Entegra coaches is in itself a fairly good mid range system.

Sadly even with the additional IR repeaters installed by Entegra, the system doesn’t come close to working as designed.

The problem with the Bose Cinemate RV entertainment system

The system has been designed as a countertop/under TV system.  The display on the Bose system needs to be visible at all times. This is the only way of knowing which mode you are in.

A more suitable system for this type of application would be a system which offers OSD (on screen display) thereby overcoming the issues found with the Bose system. The price would probably be about the same. In my opinion this is an example of bad research and total lack of attention to detail and really is a disappointing specification on the part of Entegra.

Bose Cinemate Review

This system is very disappointing and I have wanted to rip it out and throw it out of the window on a number of occasions.

You really don’t expect this lack of research in a coach in this price range. If the person who specified this system ever tried to actually use it they would know how difficult it is.


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