It’s better, but still not right.

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  1. Brian Hubbard says:

    Thank you for putting this information out there for all who own an entegra coach. I just purchased a 2016 Cornerstone this year. As of this date i have not had a problem with my coach. It has the k3 spartan under it. Hope your problem is solved. I would hope Entegra Coach will cover the expense you have paid to fix the problems with your coach. Happy travels, keep the rubber on the road.

    • GRT says:

      Hi Brian
      Keeping the rubber on the road is exactly the problem I am having, I think you’re be fine and love every minute of your new Cornerstone but bear in mind what I said about Spartan doing any work on your coach, I’de rather take mine to Walmart to have work done rather than spartan.
      Enjoy your new coach


      • Brian Hubbard says:

        Thanks, I will. And watch out for ET, they may leave you alone but they will snatch up Julia in a second. Have fun!!!!!

  2. Ted says:

    The video currently does not work. As for the steering, I would legally file against Spartan and Entegra with the Better Business Bureau as a start. You have made an epic effort to fix their problems and no matter how many parties and drinks they give you the product still does no work.

    I would encourage you to review all the sources you used to make your purchase and make sure they know your disatisfaction so others don’t end up in the same boat. Years ago similar problems with a GM dealer, led me to rent a billboard across the road from the dealer, not for my personal revenge, but to warn others so they would not suffer the same fate I did.

    Saddly your money is gone, and when your warrenty expires so are your options. I hope you continue the fight since nothing else seems to affect companies other than public opinion and financial pain from lower sales. As for getting your money back, not a chance, any judge will side with the manufacture who has tried, but been unable to fix your problem.

    As for you giving up, satisfaction is in deciding how you close this unfortunate episode in your life and get on with living… is that some financial compensation, justice in the arena of public opinion, selling the unit, or driving it thru the front window of Entegra and or Spartan… you saved me from buying an Entegra and for that I thank you.

    Happy Trails, get on with living.


    • GRT says:

      Hi Ted
      I thank you for your advise, if I wanted revenge I could easily post a couple of videos on youtube that would do Entegra a heap load of damage. But if you notice I am not blaming Entegra I’m blaming Spartan, but the two do go hand in hand as unfortunately the Entegra body sits on a Spartan chassis and it’s the drivability issues that are causing us the problem. Entegra just pass me onto Spartan, and in doing so they think they ae passing on the problem to someone else. But it’s Entegra that are going to loose sales and not through any fault of mine. Imagine how positive my videos would be if we were actually enjoying the RV !!

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